Thursday, April 21, 2011

30/30 Interval Workouts

*These circuits are designed to integrate strength and metabolic training.  If performed correctly, they will help to build lean muscle mass  and decrease fat mass.  I really like these workouts because you can adjust the intensity by the time of the intervals or the weight used for each exercise.  Also these workouts are very time efficient, you get a lot of work in, both resistance and cardio, in a short amount of time.

*For each exercise, I have provided a suggested weight, please use good judgment however about how much weight you use.  In these circuits I would rather you use a lighter weight with perfect form that allows you to maximize the amount of reps you get in an interval.

*The "30/30" circuits that I have included require that you perform the given exercise for as many reps as possible in 30 seconds, then rest 30 seconds before moving on to the next exercise.  Typically the circuits have 10 different exercises.  So one time through takes ten minutes, but for most I have you repeat the circuit 2-3x.

*Ways to increase intensity of the workouts provided include...
        1.  Not resting between the whole circuit as indicated in the first three levels.
        2.  Instead of doing 30seconds work and 30seconds rest, you can go 40/20.
        3.  Try to push the amount of reps you get in each interval.
        4.  Increase the weight used for each exercise.
        5.  Perform a whole extra circuit.  (3x Through instead of 2x Through)

*As always please make sure that you adequately warm-up prior to performing the circuits and cool-down and stretch following the workout.

30-30 Primer

30-30 Level 1

30-30 Level 2

30-30 Level 3A

 30-30 Level 3B