Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More 30/30 Interval Workouts Using Kettlebells!

Please check out my previous post with basic information regarding 30/30 Intervals.  Here are some new workouts incorporating a kettlebell.  Kettlebells are a great training tool and can be incorporated into many different types of workout protocols.  In this instance we are using them as means to elevate heart rate and simultaneously build strength.  I have had great success with these workouts and recommend them for anyone looking to increase overall fitness and strength.

30/30 Number 1

30/30 Number 2


30/30 Number 3

Monday, January 9, 2012

Alternative Grip Training for Wrist & Elbow Health


Variety of grip exercises that can be used for general grip strength.

Fat Grip Barbell Holds
2-3 Sets of 5(10sec Holds -- 5sec Rest) Each Arm

Plate Pinches (2 or 3 10lb Plates)
2-3 Sets of 5(10sec Holds -- 5sec Rest) Each Arm

Fat Grip Wrist Roller
2-3 Sets of 2-3 Times Only Up Using Extensors

DB Wrist Flexion & Extension
2-3 Sets of 12 Each Arm

Wrist Pronation/Supination & Radial/Ulnar Deviation
Can use a dowel/light db/stick/baseball bat
2-3 Sets of 12 Each Arm / Each Exercise

Towel Hangs
2-3 Sets of 5(10sec Holds -- 5sec Rest)

Towel Pull-Ups
2-3 Sets of 4-6

Pick 3-4 of the exercises and perform 1-2 Sets of Each

Perform 1-2 Sets of all exercises.

Perform 2-3 Sets of all exercises.