Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More 30/30 Intervals : Lower Body Adjustments

Please make sure to check out my previous post, 30/30 Interval Workouts for detailed instructions regarding these workouts.  I designed these workouts for individuals who may have suffered a lower extremity injury but still need/want to workout and maintain their fitness level.  All of the exercises have been adjusted so that they can be completed without having to weight your injured leg.

Before performing these workouts you should have a good idea from your doctor about what you are released to do in regards to physical activity.  For example, your doctor, PT, ortho guy, etc. may tell you that you are non-weight bearing for X amount of weeks, but can perform physical activity.  If that is the case you should not put any weight on that leg and perform the exercises to the best of your ability.  Another example may be that your doc has told you that you can perform all types of exercises, but are restricted from impact (plyo's, jumping, etc.).  If that is the case you can perform the exercises with both legs, but should be careful to limit the impact on the affected extremity.

Please note that these are general adjustments and the exercises were adjusted with the idea that you are not currently cleared to bear weight on the injured extremity.  Always use good judgement about the exercises you are performing, if it hurts, don't do it and simply sub another exercise in.

Quick Notes
*These workouts are modified so that you do not need to use your injured leg.  So if an exercise has "Single Leg" in the title, you should only perform the exercise on your un-injured leg.  

*You will notice that many of the exercises may have the same exercise , but one interval is completed all on the right side of the body and the next interval is comlpeted all on the left side of the body.  For example in the "30/30 Primer" workout there is an interval for side convulsions right  and side convulsions left.  There are some other exercises that may be single arm that do not have  seperate intervals for each arm.  For these workouts you should switch sides half-way through the 30second interval.  For example in the "30/30 Level 3A" workout the exercise single arm overhead press would require you to switch arms half-way through the 30second interval (15sec right, 15sec left).

30/30 Primer

30/30 Level 3A

30/30 Level 3B