Monday, April 16, 2012

Off-Season Basketball Training -- Cycle #1 (4 Weeks)

Workouts for Cycle #1 are included with video tutorials.  As always use good judgement with the amount of weight you choose.  Always choose technique over weight. 

Please make sure that you are adequately hydrated and are not working out on an empty stomach.  Also please make sure that you perform some light stretching and foam rolling at the end of the workouts followed by a protein packed meal/shake.

Warm-Ups for Cycle #1

Dynamic Warm-Up

Plate Warm-Up

Cycle #1 -- Lift #1 (Weeks 1 through 3)
 Cycle #1 -- Lift #2 (Weeks 1 through 3)


Cycle #1 -- Lift #3 (Weeks 1 through 3)


Cycle #1 -- Unload Week (Week 4)

Warm-Up -- Bodyweight Circuit -- Medball Throws

Perform 2-3x During the 4th Week

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