Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cardio Strength Training

So I recently dove into Cardio Strength Training and I really like the easy to read and well organized format of the book.  A lot of the exercises and the programs are nothing ground breaking for strength coaches, but it did kind of ignite a bit of motivation to get back into some hard interval training.

These are a couple of the workouts I have been toying with which have a little bit of my flavor as well as Dos's.

Workout #1 20min Total (40sec Work / 20sec Rest, 2x Through) Max Reps

Slideboard Push-Up to Knee-Tuck
Slideboard Touches (Max #)
Russian Kettlebell Swings Alternating Hands
Slideboard Body Saws (Front Pillar Position, Feet Slide Back)
Slideboard Touches (Max #)
Slideboard Push-Ups W/ Single Arm Slide-Out
Slideboard Side -2- Side Abs (Hands on Ground, Feet Go from Side to Side on Board)
American Kettlebell Swing
Slideboard Touches (Max #)
Dynamax Burpees

Workout #2 20min Total (30sec Work / 30sec Rest, 2x Through) Max Reps 
Add 20lb Weightvest

Kettlebell Snatch Right
Kettlebell Snatch Left
Barbell Overhead Squat
Single Leg Elevated Physball Push-Ups
Inverted Rows
Barbell Good Mornings
Russian Kettlebell Swings Alternating Hands
Box Jumps (24")
Barbell Full Sit-Ups
Plate Russian Twists

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